The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide Podcast Digs Deep Into a Discussion on Mentoring


Ruth Martin of was honored to be asked back as a guest on The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide podcast with host Darlene Victoria. This time Darlene wanted to dig deep into mentoring and mentoring specifically geared towards virtual assistants and entrepreneurs that are working solo.

Darlene serves up a double dose of insights and information when she approaches this topic from two perspectives: 1) interviewing Doreen Astra of Astra Virtual Assistance who is a protege that Darlene, herself, has been mentoring, and 2) interviewing Ruth Martin of Maplewood Virtual Assistance who has served as a mentor for many, many years as well as volunteers in the Mentorship Program for a leading virtual assistant industry organization. Hearing from both sides of the mentoring topic brings added knowledge and depth to this episode as well as gives guidance for anyone seeking their own mentor or anyone interested in becoming a mentor.

Listen to Episode 20, All About Mentorship – Working with One or Becoming One here:

Listen to the earlier interview with Ruth Martin, Episode 7, Inspired Interview with Ruth Martin

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