Choose the level of mentoring that best meets your needs whether emerging into business or as a veteran business owner who’s stuck reaching the next level or has lost their motivation. All mentoring levels are customized specifically to you and your unique goals. Together we’ll tackle your questions and get you moving towards attaining your goals.

  • A mentor’s role is to show you the way and hold you accountable.
  • A mentor is a teacher and a guide.
  • A mentor allows you to benefit from their insight and experience; acting as a springboard to launch you across hurdles and pitfalls.
  • A mentor gets satisfaction from helping you and celebrating your successes.

**Upon sign up you will receive the next steps for getting started.


1-on-1 email support for a month – $97

This level gives you access to my personal email where you can ask your questions, as many as you may have, and you’ll receive a personal reply from me on weekdays within 24 hours. Ask about starting your business, defining your niche, seek a second opinion, or get some insights and benefit from my experience.

Commitments are in one month increments. (no recurring renewals)
**An affordable high value mentoring level.**


1-on-1 monthly calls – $77

This level includes:

  • two 30-minute 1-on-1 calls during the month
  • one article/blog post review
  • limited email support (up to three emails weekly)

Sometimes a call works best for brainstorming, strategizing, or simply connecting. Use this monthly plan to work the kinks out or jumpstart your business development. Mentoring sessions are tailored to meet your needs.

Commitments are in one month increments. (no recurring renewals)

1-on-1 weekly calls – $277

This level includes:

  • four 30-minute 1-on-1 calls during the month
  • two article/blog post reviews
  • email support
  • website review

Ideal for strategizing and creating plans, working on enhanced product development, and laying the groundwork for rounding out your services to name just a few things. During the month we’ll really dig deep to light the fire under what’s been holding you back and keeping you from reaching your goals. Remember as with all levels, the mentoring sessions are customized to you and your specific goals. Take advantage of having an entire month focused totally on you and your business.

Commitments are in one month increments. (no recurring renewals)

Read what others have said . . .

“I cannot say enough good things about Ruth Martin. As my mentor, she guided me through the chaos of starting a virtual assistant business. I had no idea what I was doing or where to start. After my initial phone call with her, I had completed more goals in that week than I had the entire prior year. She has a way of helping you organize your goals. I am so incredibly grateful for her expertise, advice, and friendship. Her knowledge will be forever indispensable to me. I would recommend MaplewoodVA in a heartbeat. She truly is one of a kind. ” ~B.S.

“I was overwhelmed by multiple projects so I asked Ruth for some help in getting myself organized. She did a beautiful job…and showed me how I could better manage a promotional event I was planning.” ~D.W.

“She is a very dedicated and organized person and I have learned so much from her. I owe her a lot of thanks. She is a fantastic mentor.” ~N.J.

“There are times when we are lucky enough to have the experience of working with a person who has driven the path we may currently be on. She shows how to choose the route we want to be on and get to our destination sooner.” ~J.M.

“Naming the benefits in mentoring with you: I would say the real life experiences that you shared with me (both good and bad), your knowledge and success in the business, and the tools and resources you provided to me.” ~D.G.

“Ruth is what a mentor should be. She was always happy to answer all my rookie questions and she never made me feel rushed in the process.” ~M.N.

“I was so confused and overwhelmed with all the clients I had and not having any time for myself or to run my business. After an hour on the phone with her I had a written out plan of what I needed to do to gain control of my virtual assistant business and organize my time/client load.” ~Y.P.

Something to think on…

If you think you can run a business and “learn along the way” that’s a VERY costly form of education you’re buying into. Don’t put it off any longer. Together we’ll tackle your questions and get you moving towards attaining your goals.