Recommended Resources are products, services, events, and resources of all sorts that I’ve used for my business or on behalf of a client’s business or browsed and feel are worthy to be shared with others.

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VA Focused Blogs & Vlogs

Virtual Moxie maintained by Anatascia Brice
Hands down the Virtual Moxie blog is one of my favorites. The archive is extensive and covers a vast array of topics. Anastacia is a leader in the VA industry, having founded Assist U, and coming with years of experience and firsthand knowledge under her belt. She’s all about making you the best business professional you can be.

2 Minutes with a VA maintained by Candy Beauchamp
Have a question about being a VA, hiring a VA, or anything related to a VA then pop by Candy’s site and ask. She’ll pull together a quickie 2 minute video answer customized just for you. She’s quick witted, funny, and a real straight shooter when comes to answering. I think you’ll enjoy her as much as I do. (Psst- if you do send her a question, be sure to tell her that Ruth sent you.)

Resources That Make My Virtual Life Easier

Dropbox  is a Web-based file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. that uses networked storage to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization. It’s free service provides 2 GB of free online storage. Additional storage is available.

Basecamp is a web-based project-management tool developed by 37signals. Basecamp offers to-do lists, wiki-style web-based text documents, milestone management, file sharing, time tracking, and a messaging system. It also offers integration with 37signals’ own Campfire product. There is also a web services and Google Chrome browser extensions called cloudHQ for Dropbox which allows Basecamp users to synchronize Basecamp projects with Google Docs and Dropbox storage and also to edit Basecamp project attachments in the browser.Email Marketing $19/Month!

Aweber is an email marketing software that’s easy to use & only $1 to try for 30 days. You can send email newsletters and autoresponders.

SendThisFile is a free service that’s ideal for sending and receiving large files.

Adobe Reader is my favorite free PDF Reader.

Google Alerts can’t be beat for keeping track of things for both you and your clients. You never know who might be writing about you and your interest topics. TIP: I set up an email account for these alone since you’re likely to get alerts in volume. Set aside a few minutes daily to peruse the alerts, make notes on blog topics to write, blogs to visit for commenting, and articles you want to bookmark.

Google Reader works perfectly for rss feeds and even some forums feeds. Give it a try.

Pandora online radio for this music-minded gal is a must. Haven’t tuned into online radio? You’ll like being able to create your own unique listening station.

Pixie is my go-to tool for matching colors. I’m not a web or graphics designer but can’t count how many times I’ve needed to match a font color (or any color) to something.  I love that Pixie gives color numbers in several formats [HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK, HSV] to match however I may be working.

Letter Count is my secret weapon when it comes to counting characters for social media posts. Paste the content. Click to count and walluh! The total character count appears.

Format It is the email tool I turn to give plain text emails that polished look. The purpose of this free, simple email text formatting tool is to format text to a specified column width while preserving the original paragraph endings. This is especially useful in email formatting. All to often, email clients leave the lines too long. This results in that famous long…short, long…short condition we have all seen. Use Format It and never be embarrassed by sloppy formatting again.

VAClassroom offers top notch, up-to-date training courses and certifications. Whether you want to learn a new skill, brush up on skill you haven’t used for a while, or take advantage of their Summer Skills Camp you can feel comfortable investing in these training materials and resources. I especially like the huge amount of resouces, video and Powerpoint presentations and class forum for Q&A with colleagues and instructors. Which course have I taken? The Digital Publishing Specialist, and yes, I’d recommend it.